COVID League PolicyISAL – (updated September 14th, 2021) 

COVID League Policy – ISAL COVID League Policy all student-athletes in grades 7-12 and coaches must be fully vaccinated in order to be present for in interscholastic competition. Trainers and officials must also be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination if they are present to work the event. For all indoor athletic competitions student-athletes and coaches will need to wear a mask upon arrival and for the duration of their time on campus. No medical exemptions or religious exemptions are permitted at this time for league games. 

We highly recommend spectors for outdoor competitions are fully vaccinated and masked. All spectors during outdoor competitions should be on the opposite side of the field and have no interaction with student-athletes and coaches until teams have been dismissed by coaches.

Spectators for indoor sports will be up to the sole discretion of the host school. Please consult your school’s AD for further details. If spectators are allowed to be present they must be fully vaccinated and masked.